Behind William Grace - The Design Process

At William Grace, we are all about classic, traditional design with a flair for the unexpected. We pride ourselves on being an American lifestyle brand with a nod to our Equestrian family. We also focus on being able to give back to those around us. So, anytime we feel strongly for a cause, we work towards finding a creative way to help out. 

Whenever we begin the process of designing new products, we focus on providing high quality products that everyone can enjoy. Our goal is for anyone to be able to visit our website and be able to find something they can relate to and use in their day-to-day lives. 

We focus on carrying mainstream items that are relevant for today’s lifestyle. We love jewelry and always wear a statement earring. We try to find unique, stylish pieces to add to our website. We love to find classic pieces with a modern twist that keep your collection as timeless as possible.

When COVID-19 outbroke, we quickly began brainstorming new ways to serve our customers. We were able to appeal to the general public when we began carrying our face masks. Not only are our masks adjustable and comfortable, the material is also registered with the United States EPA. We wanted to provide function with fashion, so we began carrying our visors and bucket hats with detachable face shields. Therefore, our products are able to serve multiple functions! 

Headed to the office? We’ve designed the perfect clutch for you. We always struggled finding a bag that was big enough to hold everything but small enough to make sure we weren’t losing things along the way. Our clutch collection is perfect for the corporate crown. It is made to fit all of the necessities, and is as chic as it is functional. 

We know there are so many different people in this world who have various different day-to-day responsibilities. In order to tap into our stylists and event planner market, we released our Linen Face Cloths. Our fashion scarves have built in masks with adjustable ear loops to make wearing our scarf easy. Wear it bandana-style, as a neckerchief, hair tie or wrist tie!

So there you have it. We focus on giving our customers the classic American lifestyle brand they have always searched for. Want to learn more? Reach out at