Having a tough time with one space or a room inside your home? Or feel like your entire house  needs a face lift? Connect with William Grace for a complimentary consult with Carrie Scharbo. Since 2006, Carrie has been quietly flipping homes. She completed her own custom home build on Chicago’s North Shore. Plus, she personally renovated her own 100-year old showstopper of a house in Atlanta doing it simply for the love of design. "First off, you have to love your space. It has to make you feel good. But, it's very important to know what you want out of your home and what it can give you in return." 

In her current South Florida home, she is working to make the 20-year-old Spanish-style space feel fresh and light with an Equestrian-coastal theme. "People have asked me how I can juxtapose these two themes. Believe it or not there is more synergy than pull.”

Carrie's television career took her from Miami to Phoenix to Atlanta.  Her time living in New York City and Chicago plus traveling the world helped her develop an eye for marrying eclectic styles.  "What makes design interesting is the mix of things both collected and purchased. When you walk into a room it's the unique element, the showstopper, that gets people's attention and makes them remember you and your personal taste.”

Carrie helps others achieve that uniqueness by sourcing decor that is personal to her clients. For more information contact