Our Founder - Carrie Scharbo

Haven’t had the pleasure of meeting our founder, Carrie Scharbo, yet? Let us tell you a little bit more about the heart and soul behind our beloved brand. This story begins and ends with Carrie’s love for all things traditional, equestrian and lifestyle. How could she make these things all mesh into one? Well, that’s where William Grace comes into play.


After years spent living in New York City and Chicago, Carrie has returned back to her home in Atlanta, GA to raise her children with her husband, Mark. Carrie began her career working in the television industry. After her TV career, Carrie set her sights on the ever changing world of entrepreneurship. In 2005, Carrie and her partners worked vigorously to create their Atlanta-based mobile tech accessories company, Case-Mate. It is there she had a hand in designing for some of the most innovative smart technology products of our time including cases for Apple's first iPhone.  

Carrie’s passion for bringing quality products to consumers has carried over into William Grace. At its core, the main focus of William Grace is a love for people. When building her brand, Carrie was focused on ways to create fun, quality pieces for today's lifestyle. Now, Carrie spends her days working to provide her customers with unique pieces that have a traditional elegance to them. 

She doesn’t stop there. In her free time, you can find Carrie at the barn with her family or at horse shows all over the country. But not without their four-legged companions, Piper and Scout, in tow. 

Want to learn more? Reach out at customerservice@william-grace.com